---About the Y&D Department

Welcome to the South Carolina Church of God Youth & Discipleship web site. This site is intended to be a resource for information about our ministries and events and to assist the youth leaders, children’s leaders and pastors across the state of South Carolina. It is our goal that each local youth and children’s group can become more involved with the state and international youth programs through the information and tools provided in this site.
We will also be posting videos and pictures from past events which may include someone from your youth group, so be sure to share the web address with your group.
If we can assist further or if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this site to better serve your needs, please contact us.
The South Carolina Youth & Discipleship Department exists to serve the youth, children, pastors and leadership within this state. The desire of our director and board is to see each student fulfill their God given purpose and see His perfect will divinely manifested in their life.

State Youth & Discipleship Director


South Carolina Youth and Discipleship

Chad S. Fickett,  State Director
Jennifer Fickett, Girls Ministries Coordinator

State Youth and Discipleship Board:

Daniel Allen // Tricia Mayer
Russell Brown //Chad Jordan
Gordie Hager // Neal Nolan
Bo Madden // Eddie Hardee
Donna Burdette