(Grades 4-6)

Scripture:  “I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way…I will walk within my house with a perfect heart.” Psalm 101:2 NKJV

Pledge:  As a Joy Belle, I promise to be honest, cheerful, and kind; to be careful in what I think, what I say, and where I go; always doing my best for Jesus, because I love Him so!

Motto:  We serve Joyfully

Flower:  Daisy

Colors:  Yellow, Green, White


What do I need to get started? You will need to purchase a Mentor’s Guide, Year One: Faith Blossoming ($20.00). Depending on your class/church needs, pricing options are available for student books. The student book (Faith Journey Guide Year One: Faith Blossoming) can be purchased by the year ($29.95) or by the section ($12.95). There are 3 sections(12 lessons in each section) in the student book for $12.95 each. The student will also need an award sheet and sticker set ($3.00 for a set which accommodates 2 students). The curriculum will come shrink-wrapped and 3-hole punched, however, notebook binders are not included. A yearly completion badge is also available ($3.50 each). You may charter your club and receive membership cards for free. Please go to the Resources tab, Chartering. This is what you need to begin.

In addition to the curriculum, merit studies are included in the back of the Mentor’s Guide in each year. Mentors are given recommendations in their books where to use merit studies. Merit Studies will need to be ordered for students so they can earn their merit badges.



Curriculum Design

This faith journey covers a three-year period with both a Mentor’s Guide and Joy Belles Faith Journey Guide. While the Mentor’s Guide is only available by year, the student Faith Journey Guides may be purchased by year or by section. Each guide is designed to fit in a three-ring binder (not included). It is recommended to begin in Fall and end in early Summer but the lessons can be started at any time. Each year’s book contains three sections. The  Joy Belles Faith Journey three-year series is:

Year One, Faith: Blossoming
Year Two, Faith: Growing
Year Three, Faith: Living


For more information or to order curriculum click here.