7 PM




I know that this Covid-19 crisis has gone on long enough for each of you. You have braved this pandemic, and you are anxiously awaiting the “Normal.” Our students are walking through the same covid maze that we are. Just when you think you have found a way out, the trail shifts.

The instability of these times with closures and openings adds a greater level of anxiety to students and children who are already overwhelmed. While getting extra days off of school may have sounded fun initially, it brought big questions about teaching and learning modalities, sadness over sports and events being canceled, challenging family logistics, and low-grade uncertainty that puts everyone on edge.

I know that your youth ministries and churches are still making big decisions right now. Everyone is dealing with questions such as:

  • How do we connect with our people without gathering?
  • What are the needs of our teenagers and their families?
  • How do we support college students coming home?
  • What support do our families need?
  • How do I keep my family safe?

In our first session of “Leaning In,” we will address these questions and learn from each other. Our guest speakers will be Pastor Donna Burdette and Neil Dubose; both are known leaders in South Carolina. By “Leaning In” for a few moments, I hope you will learn and leave knowing you are not alone in the fight.